Cutting: Carbs & Carb- Loading | What Works For Me


Summer time is officially upon us which means the trend of having a "beach body" is an all-time high...personally I think everyone has a beach body- if you show up to the beach and you have a body then your beach body is perfect! But even though you shouldn't feel the pressure to lose weight and have the perfect beach body doesn't mean that pressure isn't there. 

As you have probably seen on most people's pages and especially seen in the fitness community it seems like everyone is "cutting" but there isn't a lot of education around what cutting is, the purpose or how the process actually goes down. 

* Don't get me wrong, I am not about to educate you on the science behind cutting or how to cut super quickly but I will share with you what works for me and what I do come summertime.* 

In the summer time I like to "cut" because I want to make sure that I am always in good shape for either photo-shoots, parties or even just to wear a crop top on a nice day. 

We already know that carbs make you bloated but cutting carbs for 3-4 months is just not possible. Not only would it be awful (because nothing is better than a cold beer by a source of water) but your body physically can not survive without carbs. After realizing that it just wouldn't be possible I set myself on a routine. My routine is on a cycle for 3-4 months and changes every week to either replenish my body, or cut down. Either way I find this routine is what works best for me. 

(Alternate Weeks) 

Week 1

Cutting Carbs

Less than 50- 75 grams a day ( depending on your size , I stay under 50g per day) for 4 days, on the 4th day I will do a full carb-load and heavy set leg day to use the energy from the carbs to work on building muscle in the place where I want it the most. 

  • 4 days- Cutting Carbs
  • 5th Day- Carb- Load
  • 6-7th Day- Break 

The reason I take a break for 2 days is also because I don't want to deprive myself- I am not competing in a body building competition or doing this for any reason other than I want all my hard work to be noticeable which means on the weekends I allow myself to eat and do what I ant because I strongly live by the 80/20 rule. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I BINGE. I allow myself to eat pizza but balance it out by going for a 6 hour hike. This goes back to 80/20 and creating a lifestyle.  


Week 2

Intermittent Fasting & Low Carbs

Keeping my carb count low is how I am able to keep my body the way it is, however this week I tend to eat more fruits and I will let myself have some rice or quinoa. This week I will keep my daily carb intake 100-200g and this week I tend to be a little more flexible with my diet because I also try to maximize my break days by lifting heavier and for a longer period of time to make sure I am developing my muscle at all times. 

I do this all week long- I have no break days which means I have to watch what I am eating everyday. Although I have more freedom I do not carb-load. 


This is what works for me, I notice that I have a ton of energy and I am never deprived. Summer-time is supposed to be for everyone to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy every ounce of summer that comes our way. 

* I am not a nutritionist, nor am I telling you what/ how to eat. This is simply what works for me and how I cut- use every method at your own risk and consult your doctor prior to beginning*