Intermittent Fasting: My Experience

Today I wanted to talk about intermittent fasting; but first I want to say, no- I am not a doctor and I am not a trained nutritionist that knows everything about the benefits or drawbacks of this but what I do know is how this works for me, and how this has been working for me, which is what I am going to share with you today!

For the past 3 weeks or so I have been testing and trying out different weight loss "fads" or techniques to see what works for me, a couple things I always keep in mind when I am looking for a new way to change up my diet is:

  • I travel a lot so I need the ability to have a flexible diet
  • I don't like to be told what to eat because I will end up not doing it out because I am stubborn
  • I can have an extremely sensitive stomach and low blood sugar- so no I can't just cut out sugar and frankly I don't want too. 

Looking at diets  I knew that something like a keto deit wouldn't work for me on a long-term scale, however it is a still a diet I will be trying on a short term basis; so I determined that intermittent fasting was my best best. I researched and tried to gain as much knowledge as possible and I found this by James Clear: and I was so intrigued so I knew it was time to start my trial process. 

Generally speaking I eat my breakfast & lunch alone (especially during the week) so by cutting these out or moving them to later in the day I knew that I wasn't really missing out on a lot of social events or being "that" friend a party that can't drink because of my diet.

One thing that is a non-negotiable with every diet I do is that I want to be able to live a social life, and I need freedom. Like I listed above if I am told what to do I end up becoming resentful and upset because I feel like I am depriving life- which is NOT what life is about or how to get a happy life. Another problem for me is how much food I eat (or can eat) I am always hungry and always looking for food, so when I started this I was hoping this could curb it.

When I started intermittent fasting I didn't ever feeling hungry or like I was depriving myself- I set myself on a eating for 10 hours & fasting for 14 hour diet and I never once felt hungry while I was fasting (for the first week) I felt more awake, and less hungry. But once my body got over the one or two day "up" I started getting hungry. 8am would roll around and I was ready for my oatmeal and I wasn't about to eat it, BUT with that said I found ways to curb it- tea, coffee (no sugar or cream) and drinking lots of water. 

Now looking back on this 3 weeks later I don't want to imagine a life without intermittent fasting, for me it's all about my own personal perception so if I feel skinny and thin because I am only eating for 10 hours a day, then that is what I am going to do, and I feel f*cking amazing. 

When it comes to cheat days it just means I don't restrict what time of day I start/ stop eating. It tends to be nights when I know I am going out for an event and I will end being out till 1am-3am and when it is that late NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can get in- between me and food. 

I also have found that since I started fasting I don't binge eat- before I was having days where I would eat super healthy and the next day I was consuming so much sugar and carbs that no matter how healthy I ate the day before it wouldn't matter. Now I feel more comfortable with allowing myself a piece of pizza. 

This diet has created balance for me and its exactly what I was searching for. 

Written by: Ashley Resch