Protein Bowls

Trust me, I like drinking disgusting protien powder with water just as much as the next person but with protien being such a huge part of muscle recovery and development there has to be a better way to utilize protien powder and one of my favorite ways to do that is in protien bowls!  

Since using protien bowls in my diet I have noticed more muscle growth, faster recovery and a way better way to consume my protien- my other favorite is using almond milk instead of water. 


  • Create a base: Your base should include plain greek yogurt and flavor protien powder (my favorite is chocolate) 
  • Mix together
  • Add toppings- I always add fruit, nuts and chia seeds- my favorite combo is blackberries, coconut flakes, chia seeds & shaved almonds. 


So simple, so easy and so delicious! Make sure to try these out on your own and share them by tagging @bbmovement on Instagram!

By: Ashley Resch