Why Your "Fad" Diet Just isn't Working for You


I know I know, we have all been sucked in by the sales pitch of “lose 10lbs in 10 days” or the “one week diet” but let's get one thing straight this is not only DANGEROUS but ineffective in the long run. Think about it, why would you put yourself through agony just to go back to your old ways of eating? Where is the true worth in that? No more carb restricting, no more juice cleanses, and for fuck sakes no more Atkins diet.

The key to being a fit boss babe and having the body you want is creating a lifestyle. The first step is to accept that you are human and there’s a high chance you love pizza, ice cream, pancakes, brownies...the works. Second step is to create the healthy habits that allow you to not diet. A lot of people ask me what it takes and I’m going to tell you.

  1. Learning how to make healthy “cheat meals” is going to change the game for you.
  2. Check out my recipes for protein brownies, healthy ice cream, and protein pancakes!
  3. Start to look at food AS fuel and you body will thank you.

Look at your body as a car, if we put shitty gas in it how will it run in compared to premium? When looking at any meal we want to make sure we have a protein, carb, and veg... Looking to loose some weight? Up your veg and protein ratio and go ahead and slowly decrease you carbs. Want to gain more muscle? Up your protein, and carbs. Next step is to know that CARBS are not the bad guy.

Carbohydrates are the first source of energy for our bodies, without it protein from our muscles will be used, meaning less booty gains. What’s a good source of carbs you ask? Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice, wild rice, even fruit! Next is knowing the timing of your cheat meals. Going out for pizza with your friends? Schedule that as your heavy ass leg day. Speaking of workouts start to it a habit to dedicate 3-4 times per week to working out. There is 168 hours in your week and all you need is 4 hours of total commitment to see results.

Start slow. Easing yourself into the process is a huge factor in guaranteeing your success. The average life expectancy in Canada is 81 years old. YOU are going to be alive for a very long time, mine as well gain healthy habits FOR life. NOT for any seven day cleanse.

Written by: Auria GeSkin